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What is the best way to cite the program?
Last Updated 6 years ago

Making a reference in your publication is a great support which we really appreciate.

A reference should at least include the following information:
  • the webpage
  • the correct program name SweepMe!
Here are some example which work:
  • "We used the measurement software SweepMe! ( to ..."
  • "... and used SweepMe! ( in order to...."
If we find a publication that makes a reference, we will publish it via out twitter account and put your article on our list of publications:

Furthermore, you will find a file "SweepMe!.bib" in the installation folder, which contains information about the authors, the program name, the version of your installation.
However, if you use LateX, the format of a reference depends on the citation style and some information could be missing. Please check whether name and webpage are correctly shown, e.g.

  • Axel Fischer and Felix Kaschura, SweepMe! - A multi-tool measurement software (
  • SweepMe! - A multi-tool measurement software (, Version x.x.x.x

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